Soul Searching


I often get asked: What is it about flowers that make them so special and appealing? There are as many answers to this questions as there are people who love flowers. For me, flowers are transformative.

I started arranging at a stressful time in my life. And so when I arrange, I practice to let go of everything that does not matter – thorns: difficult people, torn leaves: old wounds, spent blossoms: unfulfilled promises. My process is free … I make it up as I go and don’t worry about what critics might say. Who cares if it’s not symmetrical, if the vase is not proportionate, if it is missing a focal point, or if there’s a gap right here. There is no judgment – my bouquets are for me. Somehow what emerges at the end is exactly what should be – clarity of thought, alignment of principles, what I like how I like it …the joy of a small accomplishment.

I suspect that for most people who give, receive or create arrangements, their sentiments about flowers are also deeply personal.

Our brand and blog, is about embracing life and the flowers we love. And throughout the years, I hope that you’ll discover which flowers are special and appealing to you.

Best wishes,