Romantic Ride


February is synonymous with roses, an eternal symbol of love. As I thought about this, it dawned on me that there isn’t a flower that I readily associate with romance. The two – love and romance – go hand in hand but are so different. Whereas love is ever true and delicate, romance is elusive and fiery. And what’s love without romance? I think it is clear: romance needs a flower symbol of its own and we’ve chosen Venus’ car, an exotic heart-shaped flower (pictured above).

As the world looks to celebrate love and romance, this is a perfect time to practice your floral arranging skills. Make an old-school Valentine, a simple floral gift you can give to all of your friends and family. But first things first … Before you buy flowers for this project get smart on the secret to long lasting flowers. Then, create a list of special people to surprise. Remember to include the Aquarians in your life; add the Pisces too (why not?). After the holiday, keep your energy up. Sake off mid-winter weariness, with a monochromatic arrangement.

If you are new to floral arranging, this month’s easy do-it-yourself projects will help you jump into the craft and make key decisions like whether or not to upgrade your tools of the trade. It is going to be a fun month … so let’s get going.