Celebrate Mom


I have two moms. My birth mom, is the life of the party, and my step-mom is the quite girl next door. One wears construction boots to work while the other prefers blouses with scarfs knotted in a bow. One mom always knows the “proper” things to say, while the other just cuts to the chase. And, I couldn’t be more blessed; for, both are beautiful selfless souls.

Hmm … what should I get two women that couldn’t be more different and yet are the same?

Carnations are the traditional floral symbol of Mother’s Day – white for mothers laid to rest; red for mothers lively and well. The practice of giving carnations on Mother’s Day was popularized by Anna Jarvis , the founder of this holiday. For Jarvis, the carnation’s qualities exemplify five virtues of motherhood: purity, faithfulness, love, charity, and beauty. But what flower isn’t a reflection of true kindness? And, does a mother’s love ever fade to white?

My pick this Mother’s Day are peach garden roses – full and fragrant, they are a radiant reminders of compassion eternal. Choose the flower that best represents your remarkable mom (or moms). Whether set out in plain view or given as a gift they will honor mom and the memories you hold dear.

Wishing you and your mom(s) a wonderful Mother’s Day,


Photo Credit: Peach Garden Roses spotted on Gorgeous Flowers Garden & Love
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