New Vantage Point


After college I moved to Queens, New York. In a few years, I was sure I would be working overseas for a big organization on important projects. To my delight, many adventures took me away from New York. And, I was even fortunate to work for a short while at a multinational agency on clean water initiatives in Kenya. Yet somehow each adventure brought me full circle. Ten years later, I’m living in the same neighborhood, in the same building in Queens.

What happened to my plan? … As artists and designers, we are constantly looking for that next breakthrough. At times, we get disheartened when we end up where we started. We think that somehow we are not reaching our full potential. Fears creep in that we’ve gotten stuck in a rut. And rather quickly we forget all the risk-taking, reinventing, and learning that occurred along the way.

New vantage points by definition are not fixed nor do they need to be foreign. Who says we need to jettison core ideas and twist ourselves into molds that don’t fit in order to feel creatively alive. Looking out on the familiar view from my window, I’m inclined to think this place – right now right here in Queens ten years later – is in its own way my new vantage point. How? The path I took to get here the second time was very different than the first. And so, as long as you are trying new things in your creative process, the outcome will always be a new vantage point full of insights to propel you forward.

The posts in the blog series Flowers in Perspective, builds on this notion of serendipity, new vantage points … and moving forward. Each article takes a close look at one flower through various lenses. And, I hope that the photography and stories will spark something interesting for you.

May you continue to bloom daily,