Flowers In Perspective

Roses: Discover Love Anew


The other day my sweetheart and I were out for a stroll. We decided to stop for macarons at a wonderful little shop on the main boulevard. Joining the crowd in line, we marveled at the fantastic flavors in the pastry case.

And although it was hard to choose, we settled on just few sweet treats. Chocolate and strawberry met every expectation; and, mandarin, blackberry, and coconut were truly divine. But rose was the most fragrant of all, and filled our minds with memories of gardens in bloom.

My heart sank … and then it soared.

I love roses but have been so blind. I had focused all these years on petals, and completely missed out on this flower’s richness. But thank goodness for foodie heavens like this one! Now suddenly, with one bite, I had a whole new appreciation for rose. And just like that … a new chapter began in this love story.



can probably tell, I’m not an expert on love … But try my silly advice: cozy up with a rose tisane, an herbal tea brewed from berry-like fruits called rose hips. Share your dreams over wafers with a dollop of rose petal jam. Or bouquet in hand, take your sweetie on a stroll for rose macarons. Engage all senses and you just might discover love anew.

Best wishes,