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Rediscover Your Favorites


Flowers are like sweets … In a perfect scenario, one should never have to choose between them. Perhaps that’s why I have so many favorites: gladiolus bunches in the foyer create an instant wow welcome statement; a single stem of hyacinth on the nightstand for a bit of goodnight aromatherapy, alstroemeria buds tucked in a hair up-do to finish a carefree spring look.

But on any given day … tulips will make me smile.

Did you know that this spring-flowering perennial was once a wild flower native to Central Asia? The Persians were the first group to cultivate tulips. And the flower’s popularity has grown steadily since the 10th century. Today, tulips are one of the most commercialized cut flowers worldwide. And yet tulips never fail to amaze. I am constantly impressed by the rainbow of colors and variety of flower head shapes ranging from the classic single cup and double bowl, to the fanciful fringed and star-shaped.

Yes, I can always count on tulips and never run out of options. In abundance, they are fixtures in most retail displays brightening up New York walkways. Through the seasons at my neighborhood flower stalls, among the same-ole-same-oles there is usually a cheeky new tulip variety waiting to be uncovered. And when I happen upon that bunch of tulips with just the right finesse, brilliant color, or texture, it hits me. … Tulips are my favorite feel-good treat.

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