At the Roundtable


My computer background shows the sun setting behind a mountain ridge near a river bank boarded by water hyacinth. It is a stunning photo. The picture has been the literal backdrop to my work for nearly three years. But this week it became so much more than another beautiful nature image.

This Friday March 22 is World Water Day founded by the UN General Assembly to focus on the preservation and sustainable management of freshwater resources. I had the opportunity to work for a multinational agency in Kenya on water initiatives. And, I can tell you first-hand that many utility operators work miracles to deliver what clean water is available to residents.

Kenya is a unique country. It is home to immense biodiversity in the Serengeti and Masai Mara; Mombasa, the gateway to commerce in East Africa; as well as, a growing cut flower agriculture sector. However Kenya’s water struggle is not unique nor is it far removed. Globally, water management has become increasingly complex due to climate change. That’s why this year’s World Water Day theme of water cooperation couldn’t be more important.

We need more seats at the roundtable not only for water utility operators, government officials, banks, and health officials … but also for farmers, ecologists, and environmentally conscious individuals like you. So pull up a chair. Join the conversation to help ensure that these freshwater, flower-filled images do not fade from reality.