Mindful Living

Spring Delights


I had to work last Sunday … what’s more I had to travel (sigh). For me, Sunday work-related travel is always a shock to the system. First there’s that “sinking feeling” all week long. Then there’s the let’s-live-it-up Friday night denial, and Saturday’s mad dash to wrap up all manner of chores. No doubt, Sunday morning flies by. And I before I know it, I’m out the door faster than I can say “where to?”

Thankfully, it wasn’t a long drive to the meeting, and I wasn’t the one driving. As my colleagues swapped stories about dashed weekend plans, I sank deep and deeper into the back seat. Their voices faded to whispers lost in the motor’s hum.

It was a beautiful day – the first after a long stretch of rain – and finally (exhale), I had a moment to myself to enjoy it. The early evening sun hung low and large in the sky filling the car with sunset light. I closed my eyes awash in warm rays. The tree shadows flickering across my face now danced in my mind’s eye. (hmmm…) What a luxury it is to sit in the sun.

Isn’t it amazing when we savor a simple joy that could just have easily been clouded out by to-dos? We may be busy but I like to think that we are always in control… After all, the sun shines on us all. We only need to seek it out, and soak it in if only for a moment.

With warmest wishes for many more sunny days,