Hello – I’m Nadia Suzanna

I love flowers and flower arranging. In 2012, I started this blog to inspire creativity and mindful living. My medium is an array of flowers; and, my focus is thoughtful content and beautiful design. Here, I share my ideas and perspectives on how to “tap into your inner florist” and enjoy more of this big, beautiful world around us.


“Flowers are truly a beautiful means of self-expression.”

Through photos, words, and blooms I hope that you will find sincere ways to connect with those you love. At my New York studio I create memorable experiences through botanical art – on paper and in the vase. And, I hope that our vibrant flower photography notecards, and freshly arranged bouquets will inspire you to express more of what you feel with each passing day. ♥


Best wishes,

P.S.: I’d love to hear from you. To contact me, click HERE.